My tips and advice for everyone trying to pursue a creative career. I try to live by these rules, and you should try it out too.

Be on time. Dress to impress. And pay attention to details.

Make your skill set well rounded. Explore all of your interests. You will never know what skills will come in handy.

Never say no to an opportunity. The job or the project may not seem like a perfect fit but you will find that your skills or ideas can be used on projects you never expected.

Try not to doubt yourself or your abilities. Go for it and take the lead on a project. There is no time like now to figure out how to do something and you never know when you will catch your big break.

You are not too good for any job. If you are asked to help out with a task never act like it is beneath you. A good attitude goes a long ways and you never know who is standing right next to you. They could be your next boss or client.

Get involved. Do things. Volunteer, and constantly gain experience. You will meet new people with different perspectives on life, and you will learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.

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