Optimism: Raising your Happiness Set Point

Everyone knows what optimism is. But do you know how to become more optimistic?

In one of my classes I am taking this semester we explored this idea a bit and I thought it was very interesting and valuable information to share with all of you lovely people! You have an optimism set point. Research has shown that even if you win the lottery or have something positive like that happen in your life, you will always come back to the same level of happiness and optimism as you had before (your set point). This means that we should all strive to have a high optimism set point because no matter what external things happen, you will always be at that point. Its in your control.

So lets look at how you can make that set point higher shall we?

The 10 steps that you can take to being more optimistic:

1) Realize that Life is Difficult. We are born live and die and that’s a hard gig to have. We have to embrace it and live life fully!

2) Control what you can and accept and use what you can’t

3) Embrace Change. Our world is always changing, come to peace with it. Life is change.

4) “This too shall pass.” If you are in a hard place, realize that it wont last forever.

5) Foster Resilience. Be a resilient human being who can deal with and grow from adversity.

6) Create positive news. Don’t watch the news. Stay informed, but don’t sit and fill your head with sad, stressful fearful things. Everything on the news is pessimistic (for the most part), and most news are things that you have no control over or can do anything about.

7) No dream will work unless you do! Put energy into you, that’s what matters most so love yourself. Eat well. Be happy. Work on you!

8) Teach/share/service. Do something for no pay. You will feel fulfilled.

9) Be connected to your purpose. Have a reason to exist. It doesn’t need to be something big and lofty, but it needs to be there and you need to commit to it. (you have it, you just have to figure it out!)

10) Become the architect of your own future. You are in control of your lie. Create a vision and take control of what you can!

11) (Yes I did say 10 steps, but this one is a bonus one!) Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day or was good in your day. You will see a significant increase in your quality of life and happiness level within 20 days research shows.

So think about these things and go and try to raise your happiness set point! Why wouldn’t you since you can?!