Beautiful Books Part 2

I am a huge sucker for beautiful books! Its probably because its the culmination of my two loves, reading and design! Here are just a few of the breathtaking books I have come across recently! My favorites are all of the wonderful F. Scott Fitzgerald covers! For Christmas I was given a set of classic books that are leather bound and have gorgeous covers! I will take some pictures of them and post them on here sometime soon, so be on the look out for those! I hope to one day buy a set of Penguin Classics with the cloth covered covers. I’m going to need an entire library in my house just for all of my pretty books someday!

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Beautiful Books

These books are gorgeous! I dream of having an extensive collection of classic books that are this style one day.

Each book is beautifully designed by renowned artists who are commissioned by White’s Books. White’s books is the publishing house of David Pearson who was a former Penguin Books designer. Some of the amazing talent that are designing these breath taking covers are Petra Borner (a fashion designer who has worked for Louis Vuitton), Stanley Donwood (a wood-and lino-cut artist that is best known for coming up with Radiohead’s album artwork), and Joe McLaren (He works for The Times and Monocle as an illustrator).

This retro style is my favorite! It has an art deco, art nouveau feel to it that I really love!