Digital Artwork


In the day and age we live in, the definition of artwork that we commonly hold needs to be expanded. There are some very cool pieces of art that aren’t rendered, or film, but in .gif form. This is an example of just that. I really love this gif and it made me think about how there are so many different ways to create an image now-a-days. An image like this wouldn’t have been possible not too long ago, or at least in the same way that it is now!


Typewriter art

Some people are so inventive! I came across the artist Keira Rathbone recently and her work is astounding! She is “known around the world for her extensive explorations into the artistic potentials of typewriters” and that is the only way to accurately describe what she does.

Here is a few pictures of one of her pieces. I will let these pictures speak for themselves because really there isn’t much else to say than WOW!

type 1

type 2

type 3

Beautiful Mixed Media Artwork by Jose Romussi

I stumbled upon these breathtaking pieces of mixed media artwork online and I absolutely love them! I am a huge sucker for old black and white photos, and I love mixed media so these were all right up my ally! The artist’s name is Jose Romussi, and he has a bunch of other awesome pieces on his website that you can find here. These pieces are photographs that he embroiders with thread and the results are gorgeous! I am now inspired to try to add stitching to my next mixed media project!