A Unique Canvas: Mixed Media Art

This is such a stunning piece of art, and it is created using such an unconventional “canvas” of sorts! You never see floppy disks anymore, especially in pieces of art! Such an obsolete and worthless object is transformed into a piece of beauty in this painting by Nick Gentry. He has many breathtaking mixed media pieces that you should take a look at (http://www.nickgentry.com/).

That’s one thing I love about art, it changes the way you look at common things in the world!

faceface 2


Typewriter art

Some people are so inventive! I came across the artist Keira Rathbone recently and her work is astounding! She is “known around the world for her extensive explorations into the artistic potentials of typewriters” and that is the only way to accurately describe what she does.

Here is a few pictures of one of her pieces. I will let these pictures speak for themselves because really there isn’t much else to say than WOW!

type 1

type 2

type 3