Here you will find some of the companies and people that inspire me in my career aspirations and goals:

K8 Vision

This company inspires me with the amount of diverse services they provide. Each of the different services are areas that I am interested in and this company shows that it is possible to pursue them all. I also really appreciate the style of the work in the K8 Vision portfolio and the companies they have had as clients.

Zoe Bradley

I appreciate that this company provides brand identity consultations and has such a focus on design and installations. I also like that their pieces cross between corporate window installations and event installations. Take a look at the portfolio gallery to see some truly amazing pieces of art.

Oso Artworks

This company focuses on retail space design. I love the style they have and how it adds such a personality to each store in their portfolio. Retail design is an area I am interested in and looking at their website is always interesting.

Entertainment Solutions

This is a local company that does large scale special events. I am also interested in doing special events like this company does.

Here you will also find my:




Mock Press Release

Sample Cover Letter

Inspiration Portfolio

Image List

Offering Sheet

Elevator Pitch

Guerrilla Marketing Project

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