This is a mural Kayla painted that is part of a porch covering in a backyard.
Acrylic on wood
Dimensions approximately 3’x10′

Truck Painting
Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions approximately 24″x48″

Blue Moose
Acrylic on cardboard
Dimensions approximately 3’x2′

This is a painting of Aspen Trees with 3D elements through the use of stucco and plaster.
Acrylic, stucco, and plaster, on masonite
Dimensions approximately: 36″x24″

This piece was created by watercoloring feathers that were then cut out and layered onto a piece of cardboard with an acrylic wash and distressing.
Acrylic, watercolor, watercolor paper, cardboard
Dimensions approximately: 1’x3′

Acrylic on bristol board
Dimensions approximately: 10″x10″

These are examples of my artwork. My favorite medium to work in is acrylic paint, so most of my pieces are done in that. I also gravitate towards highly textural pieces. Often my work is done on cardboard or wood panel to add an organic effect to the piece. When they are done on those types of materials I like to keep the integrity of the material obvious by incorporating it into the piece some how. Another distinct feature of my style in art is that I like to work in large scale. You can see what the scale of each of these pieces is in the caption under the picture.

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