Poogla: Wonderful wallpaper’s for your iphone, ipad, and an awesome source of inspiration!

A friend showed me a new website this week that I absolutely fell in love with! Its called Poogla. It is a website that you can go onto and go through hundred and hundreds of wallpaper’s for you iphone, or ipad. So that doesn’t sound that special does it? Well the great part about it is that each background you are choosing from is piece of art! All of the wallpaper’s are free, and they each have the artist who created them credited. Many even have links to the artist’s website! This is such a great way to get your art work out there and a true testament to our world today. I love looking at imagery and I draw so much inspiration from just going through images, so a website like this is a gold mine! Even if you don’t have an iphone you should go to this website and peruse the beautiful artwork that is on it! A wide range of styles are available, and I promise that they have at least one wallpaper that will catch your eye! And if you are anything like me, it will be impossible to choose just one!

Here are some of my favorites that I have spotted so far on Poogla!

Travel by Frank Chimero

Octo Heart by Alex Eben Meyer

Le Quattro Stagioni by Yuko Michishita

Impossible 1 by HeyMercedes

Parallels by Lisel Jane Ashlock

Edinburgh Towers by Chetan Kumar | IdeasTap

Poolga 1 by Elena Boils








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