Trade shows and Conferences

Trade shows and conferences are amazing resources to connect you to people who are a part of the same world you are. I never even realized just how many trade shows and conferences there are, but there is one for everybody and everything! I think it is very important for me to go to these type of events to network and get my self out there! There are a few conferences/trade shows in particular that I recently became very interested in. They are the Unique LA trade show, the Re:Design Conferences, and the Event Solutions Idea Factory Conference. Each of those events are focused on a different area of design and creativity that I am oh so interested in. That is one of the cool things about trade shows and conferences, you can get an in-depth look into what ever you choose to attend!

I think it would be an awesome opportunity to get to attend any of those as a student so I can get a taste for the industries and meet some important people before I even get out into it! I couldn’t find any opportunities for students to attend or anything on their websites but I emailed them to see if there are any! Hopefully they will get back to me and, who knows, maybe I will find some way to attend them!


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