Drawing style inspiration from an important story: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is one of my all time favorite books. It is such a good realistic story about high school and life from a unique perspective that I think is a very important one. It hits on lots of hard topics that are very relevant to our society and many are issues that can be taboo. Recently the book was adapted to a movie and I have to say, it was one of the best movies I have seen. It is by far the best book to movie adaptations ever. The movie truely did the book justice and the casting was wonderful. All of this is due to the fact that Stephen Chbosky (the book’s author) wrote the screen play and directed the film. This is such a great way to go about creating a movie based on a book because it turns out exactly how the author pictured it and meant for it to be.

A very important part of this story is the setting. It takes place in the 1990’s in America and is about this group of misfit teens who are very indie and quirky. They are sort of the hipsters before hipsters were a thing (haha so the ultimate hipsters in a sense). This style is shown strongly through the music (which plays a major part in the story line as well) and is properly dipected through the styling of the movie’s set and clothing. As a design and arts student it is those things that really draw my attention and are very important to me.

Interestingly enough, I came across an article in Apartment Therapy about “getting the look” from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I love that they broke down what made this movie have the feel that it did and the important features of it so that you could draw inspiration for your own space and style. The image above is of what they created as a guide to this style.

Below are some stills of the rooms of the two main characters of this wonderful story.



You can really see that the people over at Apartment Therapy did a good job reflecting these characters and their spaces in their inspiration board!

If you like the look of this, go out and see the movie and definitely read the book! 🙂


Beautiful Books

These books are gorgeous! I dream of having an extensive collection of classic books that are this style one day.

Each book is beautifully designed by renowned artists who are commissioned by White’s Books. White’s books is the publishing house of David Pearson who was a former Penguin Books designer. Some of the amazing talent that are designing these breath taking covers are Petra Borner (a fashion designer who has worked for Louis Vuitton), Stanley Donwood (a wood-and lino-cut artist that is best known for coming up with Radiohead’s album artwork), and Joe McLaren (He works for The Times and Monocle as an illustrator).

This retro style is my favorite! It has an art deco, art nouveau feel to it that I really love!

My ideal workspace

Because I want to do so many different things a work space that allows many different things to happen is what I will need in my future. A lot of the details of the space I end up needing will be determined by exactly where my future takes me, but what I picture right now as my dream space would look a bit like this.

I will need two spaces that ideally would be connected. I love the idea of working from home, but I also think it would be really nice to have some separation between work and home life. Instead I would want to find a work space that is very close to where I live and accessible to me whenever I want. The first space would be my studio where I would do a wide variety of things from sewing, to painting, and everything else in between. Since I hope to do event design work I could use this space to create “props’ such as centerpieces, or create any other aspect of the event that would need to be created here. I could also use the space to paint since that is one of my hobbies. This space would have to be multipurpose and have the ability to withstand a lot. I get very messy when I create so it would be nice to not have to worry about that in this space. It would probably look something like this haha:

It would be really nice to have it ventilated well so I wouldn’t have to worry about fumes or other things such as dust when I work since I never really know what I will end up working with. Maybe even a spray booth would be in the space just in case!

A sink would be a must also!

In my dream space I would have lots of windows to let in natural light. I would also have good overhead lighting so I could work in my studio into the late hours if I wanted to.

I love how this space has such a natural feel to it that makes the creating of artwork feel like the life in the room. It seems like a very freeing space where you aren’t worried about “messing up” anything and it is very functional. At the same time it has a very appealing industrial look to it.

This is a picture of the same space but a different area. In my studio space I would love a bunch of different work areas. A big table in the middle that is very durable (maybe butcher block so I could cut on it) would be a must, as well as a desk space to do other types of work would be very nice. I love how in this work space there is tons of inspiration everywhere. I am the type of person who likes to spread out when I work and a space like this looks like you can do just that.

In the second space I would need, I would create an office. This would hopefully be attached to my studio space and be in the front of the building and the first thing you see. The two spaces would be separate but connected by a door between the two spaces.  This space would be much different then the studio. It would be very organized and very streamlined. I would have this space be very nicely decorated and designed. With what I want to do with event design, creative consulting, and art direction type of things, I will be doing lots of desk work. Especially since I will most likely be running my own business! I will need to be able to think clearly and be productive in this space in a very different way than in my creating room. I would still want some inspiration on the walls like in this space. I also like the eclectic style since that is very reflective of who I am.

Organization will be key like I said. I love how this person used such great organization with the use of peg boards! This may not be in my office portion of the space but maybe the organized part of the chaos in the studio.

I love this space! I think making my office look professional would be very important since I would probably be meeting with clients in this space. I would want it to have personality but have lots of storage and be a functional space.

This is a little too cramped for me since I love to spread out when I do anything, but I love the style and the balance between creative inspiration and professional work space.

I am in love with the desk in this office! As well as the shabby chic design overall.

The overall theme I want in both my studio and my office space is personality. I hope to find a place that has some history and a “story” to it. I love old hardwood floors, big picture windows, and exposed brick. I want my space where I create and spend time in to be inspiring and a place I am comfortable in.

As to where this place is…. I can’t really tell you yet! I will probably end up in a bigger city somewhere since that makes the most sense for what I want to do! Possibly in LA, or San Francisco, or who knows where! 🙂

I can’t wait to call a space like this my own!

My fall break adventure to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland!


This past weekend was ASU’s fall break and I was lucky enough to get to go to Disneyland! I had never been to any Disney park before so I was over the moon with excitement! I literally had been wanting to go to Disneyland more than anything for as long as I can remember, but 19 long years of waiting paid off! It was just as magical and amazing as I could have ever hoped it would be! I felt like a child again and I was in constant awe. The amount of detail that is put into every inch of that place in incredible. As a design and arts minded person that is what was the most amazing to me. Everywhere I looked was a feast for my eyes which makes it a visual person’s paradise!

Here are some of the pictures (I took almost 300!!!) I got from my magical experience. I figure a touch of Disney magic could never be a bad addition to a blog!





Do more of what makes you happy. Happiness = Success and Success vs. Happiness

I think that this is an incredibly important statement. Do more of what makes you happy. It is very simple but very powerful. Do what you love and what makes you happy and you will find so much success. I mean think about it, you are usually happy when you are doing things you are good at or are passionate about, and the only way to be successful at something is to have those things! So go out and do what makes you happy. Life is short. Too short to be unhappy.

This really hits home with me right now. I have always had a very supportive family and I know that its ok to do what I love and that that is more important than anything else in the world. I really appreciate that especially since I am pursuing a degree, and ultimately a career, in the arts and design world which is a  risky thing. When you are in this creative world you have to make up the rules and there is not really a clear cut path that guarantees success (especially monetary success). I am passionate about living a creative life and making art and design a huge part of it. I know that it makes me happy so why would I do anything else?

Even with having a typically supportive family there are still times where my parents don’t hold their tongues and let some of their criticisms  or “suggestions” come through. I found out this week that I have a couple options for how I want to go about the next few years of my life. I can either graduate early, or stay in school for the typical 4 years but obtain two degrees, one in Design Management and one in Art Studies. My parent’s naturally are trying to sway me toward graduating early. The idea of me being an art major is terrifying for them. They have the image in their heads of a starving artist who has a worthless degree. I hate that dang image. It causes me, and everyone else in the creative practices, to feel like they are at disadvantage. My dad suggested that if I choose to stay in school for the full 4 years that I look into pursuing a business degree as well. He means well but its hard to know that by saying that he is trying to get me to have a “real” plan and a back up to fall on. I know its important to be realistic but I could never settle and do something I don’t enjoy because its safe. I have come to realize that much of the near future in my life will have to be a time where I prove people wrong and make what I love work for me.

Do more of what you love. That is what it is all about, and I am going to do just that.


Nix Negativity

We talked about negativity in ARA 394  and I find it a very important topic. I constantly fight off negativity and it is important to me that I never come off as a negative nancy. There are many things you can do to ward off bad mojo and thoughts and to boost your confidence and I think its important to know.

Something that is huge in my life is that I am a bit of a control freak. I need to remember that I shouldn’t worry about things that I can’t personally change and that I need to let go a bit. The desire to change people is especially dangerous. It is also important to surround yourself only with positive people who will lift you up, not bring you down. Complainers and people who never have anything nice to say just add to your voice of judgement, which likes to put you down and keep you from your potential. If you find yourself having to deal with negative people in your life the best way to deal with them is to kill them with kindness. There is only so much positiveity a person can take and not drop the bad attitude. If you are a negative person you feed off of negativity, you feel bad for yourself and you want other people to feel bad too. If you can’t get that satisfaction then you will be forced to move on.

I struggle a lot with apologizing for myself and that is a big confidence killer. Ever since I was young I have been told that I say “I’m sorry” way too often. From my piano teacher in 2nd grade all the way to my friend’s today I have heard this. I don’t know where it comes from but it has always been a problem of mine. I am an extremely passionate person so I think that has a lot to do with it. But if it has something to do with negativity and shows a lack of confidence I definitely want to get rid of that habit! The only way I can think to do this is to start being aware of when I apologize and try to keep a tally of the amount I say it. Once I realize how much I do it, I can start to cut it out of my vernacular.

In class the idea of “fake it till you make it” was also talked about. If you act like you know what you are doing and you go for it you will figure it out. Self doubt kills potential and even if you are afraid you aren’t an expert or the best at what you need to do you have to fake it to make it. You will never get better if you don’t just do it. Be confident in your abilities to do what you do. Don’t ever discount yourself.

This post was a lot for me but I think just as important for everyone else out there. When you recognize sources of bad in your life it is easier to get rid of them!

Now go out and be positive, I know I will! 🙂