Strengths, intelligence’s, and development

I am taking a class that is having us really examine what our talents and abilities are that naturally come to us, and how we can take what we find out about ourselves to help us in the future. It is really interesting to look at what you are good at, when we are all so used to thinking about what we are bad at. We are a society that is stuck on negativity! Each person has approximately 50,000 thoughts a day, and do you know how many of those are negative? Around 75%!  That is terrible! I don’t know about you, but I sure would like to lower that number, and be a more positive person!

To do that start looking into our strengths and let the positive thoughts commence…

Like I said, in my class we had to take a test to see what our “Character Strengths” are. There are 6 core strengths with traits that make up each one. The 6 categories, are; wisdom and knowledge, courage, love and humanity, justice, temperance, and spirituality and transcendence.

The top five traits that showed up in my test results were spread out into all different categories, which I like to think means I am a very well-rounded person!

My top 5 character strengths were:

  • Judgement/critical thinking/open mindedness
  • Kindness and generosity
  • Leadership
  • Prudence/ discretion/ caution
  • Gratitude

I feel like all of these really reflect who I am!

I encourage you all to take the online test I took to see what your character strengths are so you can keep those in mind when you work with others, or you can play up when you are job hunting in the future 🙂

Go to the link above, and take the VIA survey of Character Strengths that measures 24 character strengths to see what your results are!

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