Steps are an important thing to look at and really think about. Steps are what make huge, daunting tasks manageable. Steps show you the road to take, the things you need to do, the journey to success. Whether the steps are just to the completion of a task or to accomplishing your dreams, they are necessary parts of life. Think about when you are completely and utterly overwhelmed. You are drowning in the mountain of things that need to be done, the deadlines, the expectations, and you hit a wall. That wall is usually brought about much more quickly by procrastination. You didn’t know where to start, or you were scared to screw up, so you just didn’t do it. This happens far too often to the best of people and it kills potential. The only thing you can do is take a nice deep breath and step (excuse the pun) back and evaluate what needs to be done. Look at the steps. Steps break things down, they provide perspective. They help you know what you have to do to get the big thing done.

That “big thing” could be just an assigment or project you are working on, or it could be the thing that matters the most: your dreams. I have many goals for myself and my future, and there are plenty of times where I panick and think “how on earth can I do that? How could someone like me possibly manage to get there???”  Those are scary thoughts. Those are the thoughts that stop people. What helps to banish those potentially thwarting thoughts is (have I said this word enough?) steps. When you have goals and ideas that seem too big to be true, figure out what can be done now to get you there. Then think about what you have to do after that and be ready for that next step. Do everything you can to make it so that the next step is easier than the last. Eventually if you keep you goals clearly in mind, and you break it down into steps, its not so scary anymore. You will find yourself there, where ever there is.

This is some of the best advice I have ever gotten, and although I am just at the beginning of this process and I have no proof that it works (yet), it just makes sense. A person can only manage so much and when you have a lofty dream you usually only picture the end goal, which seems unattainable, when really tehre is a whole lot of important things inbetween that have to happen first.

My steps are just being mapped out, but I am so excited for this journey, and I can’t wait to reach my dreams.

motivational print dictionary art - If Your Dreams Don't Scare You They're Not Big Enough book page - inspirational quote dictionary art

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