My story

Creativity is a huge part of my life and it has been since I was very young. My mom is to blame for all my crafting, creative, artsy, quirks. From as far back as I can remember I have been doing something creative. I have so many memories of sitting at the dining room table -which often could be mistaken for a sewing table, a drafting table, or even an elf’s workshop -covered with glue, glitter, yarn, fabric, or whatever other supply was necessary for the project of the day. I would come home from school, have a snack, and dive headfirst into a project with my mom. I learned so many skills, such as baking, and sewing from her, and most importantly I learned that creating is essential to my life. The definition of creating has a huge range, it could be decorating a Christmas ornament, or painting a masterpiece, but as long as you are putting your heart into something and making something new and different, it is creating.

I have come a long ways from simply putting stickers onto a foam picture frame. It was in high school that I redeveloped my childhood love of the arts. I signed up for the entry level art class, thinking “oh that will be an easy class, and I’m a terrible artist but at least it will be entertaining.” Little did I know that I would end up adoring that art class and go on to take every single art class my high school had to offer. I was soon making pottery, developing film in a darkroom, and my favorite, painting beautiful pictures. I developed a close relationship with my art teachers and the art department was my home. I had tapped into an area of my life that I was passionate about, and was actually pretty decent at too. Somewhere in the middle of this self discovery I realized that whatever I did with the rest of my life it had to be creative.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do exactly but I just knew it had to be in the design and the arts. At first I thought “Oh, I’ll go into graphic design,” but after a semester full of making squares so exact it made my brain hurt, I realized that what I want to do is on a much different scale. I wanted to be a creative director. I love looking at people’s artwork and looking at architecture, interior and industrial design work, so I need to be in a position where I can work with the people who do this and help facilitate the creative process and oversee projects. Flash forward 1 year and here I am at Arizona State University studying Design Management and Special Event Management. I have a couple paths I would like to follow in my life, one of which is working for Dwell magazine as an event coordinator, another is to be the creative director for a company like Anthropology, and the last one is to be the Art Director/event coordinator for a resort or a town.

I love where my life is right now, and I am so thrilled to see where I will end up, and to start making my dreams come true.

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