My name is Kayla Laut and this is where you will find everything you need to know about me. I am very passionate about all things design and the arts which you will see across this entire site, whether it is my own work (under my showcase tab in one of my portfolios) or projects and pieces I come across that inspire me. You will also discover my professional information and writing samples under the “Resources” tab, as well as some of the companies that inspire me. I am a college student with big dreams to get into an industry I am passionate about, and this site is dedicated just that! Enjoy and thanks for checking this site out!


Assured Ventures

My dad has his own company, Assured Ventures LLC., and he asked me if I would want to help create a website for him! His business is a Interim CFO service, financial consulting firm, and investing company, so he wanted to make sure that the idea of navigating and stability were clearly shown. We also talked about how he wanted the website to look very professional, but to be much more interesting than the typical financial company’s website. I am a strong believer that a website  leaves a huge impression on people, and it can make or break your image. There are far too many websites out there that are terrible and instantly turn me off from whatever the website is for. I wanted to make sure that the website I created for my dad fit all of these things and left a good impression on potential clients and helps drive more business to his company!

If you want to check out what the website looks like visit http://www.assuredventures.com and if you think of anyone that could benefit from my dad’s services please contact him!

Marketing Project

Earlier this summer I helped out on a completely new kind of project for me! I was the Marketing Director for a new musical, Invincible, that was written by an undergrad in the music school here at ASU! It was an amazing project and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it. My job as the Marketing Director was to create posters and flyers advertising the musical, create the programs, a thank you board for our sponsors, and to put together other promotional materials such as tshirts and stickers. It was a great experience, and it was really interesting getting to be a part of the world of theater and work with so many talented people (many of which are my close friends!). Also during the final week of rehearsals I ended up lending a helping hand in a number of unexpected ways. I helped paint the set, sew some costumes, and did projection artwork for the backdrop! Being able to help out on a completely student run production like this in so many diverse ways really made me realize just how important it is that I am staying well rounded with my skill sets. Here is a sample of my work for Invincible!

tree poster indiegogo

poster 2 fixed indiegogo

kickline poster final

cast photo poster

The stained glass building projection artwork in the back was my work also!
photo (5)
photo (6)

Programs in the form of scrolls!

The show went really well and over 1,000 people attended over the course of the three showings!

I really hope that I can do work like this again in the future, so if you need some marketing work done or know someone who does, let me know because I would be more than happy to help!!

Crazy Semester

Hey everyone! Sorry once again for being MIA lately! This semester has been crazy and my work load has gotten the best of me! I am interning for the Phoenix Film Festival this semester and the festival is in full swing right now. It started last Thursday and ends this Thursday. It was been a really great experience to be apart of, and it has made me really excited to pursue planning special events similar to that in the future! I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people this weekend/week, and it has made me really interested in the independent film world! I am going to post some of the links to the films I have seen, and some photos from the festival, so keep an eye out for that!

I promise I wont abandon you again 🙂

Don’t Stumble


Inspiring words for today! Beautiful graphic, great words of wisdom.dont stumble

Something to keep in mind

Getting out of my comfort zone is something I have been working on a lot in the past year or so. I have realized that life can really pass you by, especially opportunities  if you don’t take risks, fail often, and put yourself out there. It can be really hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but like this says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” You will learn more that way than anyway else, and you will be closer to success, I guarantee it! I am going forward in my life trying to live this way more often! You should too!
life begins

How to Feel Miserable as an Artist: A good thing to reflect on

I found this list of “How to Feel Miserable as an Artist” and I think it is very relateable and realistic of how all artists feel. Whether you are a painter, or even an actress, there are so many things that can ruin the creative experience that we need to make sure we are aware of in order to get the most out of what we do.

how to feel miserable as an artist

Digital Artwork


In the day and age we live in, the definition of artwork that we commonly hold needs to be expanded. There are some very cool pieces of art that aren’t rendered, or film, but in .gif form. This is an example of just that. I really love this gif and it made me think about how there are so many different ways to create an image now-a-days. An image like this wouldn’t have been possible not too long ago, or at least in the same way that it is now!

Beautiful Books Part 2

I am a huge sucker for beautiful books! Its probably because its the culmination of my two loves, reading and design! Here are just a few of the breathtaking books I have come across recently! My favorites are all of the wonderful F. Scott Fitzgerald covers! For Christmas I was given a set of classic books that are leather bound and have gorgeous covers! I will take some pictures of them and post them on here sometime soon, so be on the look out for those! I hope to one day buy a set of Penguin Classics with the cloth covered covers. I’m going to need an entire library in my house just for all of my pretty books someday!

gatsbygatsby 2gatsby 3gatsby 4


A Unique Canvas: Mixed Media Art

This is such a stunning piece of art, and it is created using such an unconventional “canvas” of sorts! You never see floppy disks anymore, especially in pieces of art! Such an obsolete and worthless object is transformed into a piece of beauty in this painting by Nick Gentry. He has many breathtaking mixed media pieces that you should take a look at (http://www.nickgentry.com/).

That’s one thing I love about art, it changes the way you look at common things in the world!

faceface 2